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Core Team Recruitments || UniDAOxBITSBlockchain

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Greetings BITSians,
[font][font]We have an amazing opportunity for you.[/font][/font]
We're excited to introduce you to UniDAO, a groundbreaking program that aims to empower you to become the pioneers of the Ethereum movement on campus.
What is UniDAO? 
UniDAO is a community-driven initiative by Devfolio that's already making waves in leading institutions like IIT Madras, NIT Surathkal and IIT Hyderabad. As part of UniDAO, we are on a mission to introduce the power of Ethereum development to our campus by creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to fostering Ethereum culture.
What Will You Gain from This Program?
  • Chance to be a part of an amazing community of builders and mentors: Devfolio annually organises the world's biggest Ethereum hackathon ETHIndia, where thousands of builders come together to build decentralized applications for the future. UniDAO BITS Pilani is working closely with the selectors of EthIndia to ensure a smooth functioning. Get a chance to be a part of an amazing community of builders and interact with these talented people directly as they help us build the Ethereum ecosystem at BITS.
  • Pioneer Status: You'll be at the forefront of establishing a vibrant ethereum culture on our campus, making a lasting impact.
  • Personalized Mentorship: Receive mentorship tailored to boost your technical skills and community-building abilities.
  • Grants and Internship Opportunities: Since you will be interacting directly with the Devfolio team, you have a good chance of getting an internship or a grant for any of your initiatives.
We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic members to join our core team in the following verticals:
  • Tech Team: If you are into Ethereum development and can help fellow BITSians navigate the world of smart contracts and blockchain technology, this is your opportunity to shine.
  • Community Team: We need individuals who can spread awareness of web3, organize engaging events, and ensure maximum participation. If you are someone with good communication and networking skills, this is the vertical you should apply for.
 The recruitments are open to all batches. To participate in the recruitment process, fill out the following Google Form:
The deadline to fill out this form is 22nd September 2023 (Friday), EOD.
If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out the undersigned:
Divyansh Jha
UniDAO core team member, BITS Blockchain 
Phone: +91 9818509175
Dhruv Varshney,
UniDAO lead and President, BITS Blockchain
Phone: +91 7665762966

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